Whether you are a Seasoned Performer seeking a Record Deal or just starting
out and wanting to know how to make it in the Music Business

Our producer, Bob Jenkins, has had a successful career in the music industry which has spanned more than three decades.  He is a veteran songwriter whose songs have been recorded by numerous Major Label Recording Artists, and include a number of National Billboard Chart Hits and Million Sellers.

Mr. Jenkins has had two Major Record Deals himself, with MGM and Capitol, and has produced artists for Major Record Companies, including Sony/Columbia, Capitol, Liberty and United Artists.

He has been directly responsible for securing Major Label Record Deals for several artists, and has Showcased artists for a number of Major Record Companies including MCA, Warner Brothers, Sony/Columbia, and RCA.

Currently Mr. Jenkins is consulting and developing singers. ... Read More

Want the Nashville Sound But Think You Can't Afford It?

Think Again! We have all styles of country music but if you love the sound of a steel guitar and a fiddle, we have lots of traditional country music. We use great Nashville studio players and record in Nashville's high quality studios.

When we first opened our company many years ago, marketing music and getting radio airplay without a major recording contract was next to impossible. The internet has changed all that, but we must emphasize the one thing that has not changed is the necessity of great songs and professional quality music.



Your Recording is how you will be heard. You may only get one shot. Make sure you are working with talented professionals who can give you a project that will make your talent shine.

All Nashville Musicians are NOT the same. Know the difference between great Session Players and barroom or road bands. Major Stars use great Session Players ...

YouTube is where they will find you. Everybody loves YouTube!

It makes Sense to have a Video in your Package!

The Internet has opened up a whole new playing field for new artists. Although they are still powerful, not many years ago, Major Labels were "the only game in town." That is no longer true. Artists who are not "main stream" can reach their audience without radio or record companies. Record companies are relying more and more on YouTube for discovering new artists. Of course, the way you are presented on YouTube can make the difference in getting the deal or being passed over. We offer inexpensive high quality videos suitable for YouTube. ...read more

Get The Whole Package

We have several affordable recording projects. Our full packages include recording one or more songs, an in-studio edited HD video and We'll put you on YouTube and iTunes.

Whether you want to record just one song or a whole album. You won't find this quality for our low prices anywhere else.
Listen to a sample of our songs and the music quality.
The songs are so good, choosing will be the hardest part of this whole deal!